Intergenerational Housing

A Socially responsible development Model that Makes Good Business Sense

Nimby’s don’t want a “project” in their backyard. Seniors don’t want to be sent away to a “home”. Families struggle to balance work with the demands of raising children. Kids, when left alone, far too often drop out of school and resort to drugs and crime. Cities need to satisfy the huge demand for affordable housing and at the same time reduce urban blight. And Residential Developers are challenged, today more than ever before, to make projects work.

If necessity is the mother o f invention, then there has never been a better time in history for intergenerational housing development. According to a 2005 study conducted by the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs “intergenerational housing…provides a forum for multiple generations to collaborate for a common ground and explore the values of each generation.”



"Customer service, quick and efficient coordination, and in-depth knowledge about color and material applications are key principals associated with Danielian Associates."

Nate Carlson, Project Manager, Sares-Regis Group

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"The people at Danielian out our perspective given our target buyers, and hold their ground on areas they feel important that we might be missing. The final result is a refinement that has brought us industry recognition and success through sales to our customers. "

Richard Douglass, Ryland Homes

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"I want to express our complete satisfaction with Danielian Associates... Because of Danielian's experience, they understand the needs of their clients."

Mike Winter, Senior Vice President, Sares-Regis Group

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"From a custom builder's perspective, Danielian is the perfect partner... It is always a pleasure to work with Danielian and I am happy to recommend them to my clients. "

Jim Birmingham, Seacrest Developers, Inc.

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" "La Cresta is selling extremely well. We've essentially sold out every release... People are saying, 'You've got to go see La Cresta' and talking about the lifestyle at that community."

Carina Hathaway, Brookfield Residential

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