Through The Eyes Of An Architect

As the atmosphere of the homebuilding industry changes in response to the current market correction, architects must examine and retool their design principles accordingly.

It doesn’t take a Rhodes scholar to recognize that the homebuilding climate has changed. The industry’s evolution is palpable and ubiquitous. Marketing strategies have dramatically shifted, the inventory surplus remains formidable, and we are left with the undeniable realization that suburban no longer sells.

But is it really hard to understand why?

Civilizations have always thrived when concentrated in bustling urban epicenters. The birth and subsequent proliferation of suburbia in the aftermath of World War II and the passing of the GI Bill was an unnatural phenomenon. Likewise, our return to higher-density projects in culturally diverse urban locales is not simply the result of land shortages and the increase in material costs; it’s a return to our natural habitat.

However, as the industry alters to accommodate the desire to go urban, our design expectations must change with it. After all, as director of operations for Danielian Associates Architecture + Planning Mike Boyd points out, “As we increase housing densities, the ‘American Dream’ must evolve.”

Mixed-use and minimum densities

In a world where privacy can no longer be afforded by the vast expanses of suburbia, the architect must look to design for solutions. Boyd identifies the careful positioning of interior spaces, unit orientation, window and door placement, strategic landscape design and thoughtful building composition as key components when balancing the need for privacy with the move toward higher-density necessitated by land scarcity and the often prohibitive costs of new-home construction.

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"Customer service, quick and efficient coordination, and in-depth knowledge about color and material applications are key principals associated with Danielian Associates."

Nate Carlson, Project Manager, Sares-Regis Group

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"The people at Danielian out our perspective given our target buyers, and hold their ground on areas they feel important that we might be missing. The final result is a refinement that has brought us industry recognition and success through sales to our customers. "

Richard Douglass, Ryland Homes

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"I want to express our complete satisfaction with Danielian Associates... Because of Danielian's experience, they understand the needs of their clients."

Mike Winter, Senior Vice President, Sares-Regis Group

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"From a custom builder's perspective, Danielian is the perfect partner... It is always a pleasure to work with Danielian and I am happy to recommend them to my clients. "

Jim Birmingham, Seacrest Developers, Inc.

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" "La Cresta is selling extremely well. We've essentially sold out every release... People are saying, 'You've got to go see La Cresta' and talking about the lifestyle at that community."

Carina Hathaway, Brookfield Residential

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