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Navigating the cultural waterways of international land development for success on foreign shores

In a world where decreased land availability and increased NIMBY opposition regularly join forces to bar the path of development, it takes more than ingenuity and determination to stay afloat in the oftentimes turbulent housing market. So how can you overcome the obstacles and continue to thrive — even when record highs give way to disheartening lows?

By thinking bigger than your own backyard.

Builder and Developer recently spoke with one such firm who decided to take its show on the road — and with projects stretching from California to Mexico and the Black Sea to Japan, it’s fair to say the international audience is pleased.

Crossing borders

Although many members of the residential building and land development community may view international opportunities as not-so-proverbial foreign soil, for Irvine, Calif.-based Danielian Associates Architecture + Planning it was virtually second-nature.
“The excitement and challenge of working on foreign projects and the possibility of expanding our geographic design services triggered our interest in international projects,” says Arthur C. Danielian, FAIA, president of Danielian Associates. “In the 1980s, we were initially attracted to projects in Germany and Euro Disney in France; later on, we responded to the 1994 Kobe earthquake in Japan with emergency housing design that led to more work — culminating with a Gold Nugget Award for the ‘Street of Dreams’ single-family homes in Yokohama. This success expanded our exposure and interests into China and beyond.”

With more than nine languages spoken in its Southern California office, it’s no small wonder that Danielian Associates has enjoyed its fair share of success in the international market. Thanks to a non-ethnocentric corporate culture, this design firm is able to consistently deliver innovative product to accommodate a wide range of divergent socioeconomic and environmental conditions.



"Customer service, quick and efficient coordination, and in-depth knowledge about color and material applications are key principals associated with Danielian Associates."

Nate Carlson, Project Manager, Sares-Regis Group

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"The people at Danielian ...seek out our perspective given our target buyers, and hold their ground on areas they feel important that we might be missing. The final result is a refinement that has brought us industry recognition and success through sales to our customers. "

Richard Douglass, Ryland Homes

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"I want to express our complete satisfaction with Danielian Associates... Because of Danielian's experience, they understand the needs of their clients."

Mike Winter, Senior Vice President, Sares-Regis Group

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"From a custom builder's perspective, Danielian is the perfect partner... It is always a pleasure to work with Danielian and I am happy to recommend them to my clients. "

Jim Birmingham, Seacrest Developers, Inc.

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" "La Cresta is selling extremely well. We've essentially sold out every release... People are saying, 'You've got to go see La Cresta' and talking about the lifestyle at that community."

Carina Hathaway, Brookfield Residential

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About Danielian Associates

Danielian Associates is an Orange County based Architecture and Planning group providing services internationally from office across the globe. Our guiding principles and goals for our clients represent Quality, Sustainability, Excellence, and Pride in Craftsmanship.